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This Exhibition, focused on Zimbabwean artist, is an event that promises to expand the horizon and understanding of contemporary African Art.

The exoticism of the fabricated preconceptions have changed. We are now the spectators of this emerging movement with an ever-growing body of art coming from so many African artist.

Eddie Masaya, Johnson Zuze, Ngoni Tsiga and Trymore Sengai are the quintessence of our passion and perseverance since the opening of Gazzambo

Eddie Masaya, born in 1960, is a well known shona sculptor in his new phase as a painter.

He was still at school when he decided to become a sculptor following the steps of his acclaimed cousin Moses Masaya, one of the pioneer of the first generation. With him he learnt how to use the tools correctly, how to polish a piece and specially how to respect the stone.

Brighton Sango and Tafuma Gutsa have been another important reference in his work.

Nevertheless, at the end of the 70’s in spite of his decision Eddie did some paintings which were shown in The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1980

In 2012 the canvas called him again…but it was in 2016 when this exhibition was born due to my obsession and his motivation.

Eddie is a very spiritual person with a creative mind and has his own African aesthetical values. He is not a prisoner of anything, that’s why we thought it would be crucial for him to spent time in our workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. There he could explore a different environment, different fauna and a different African culture, subjects that are his source of inspiration.

Masaya is an extremely “avant garde” artist and his eclectics paintings are the reflection of actual Africa.