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Born in Gijón in 1982.

Graduated in Business, although he was very clear his vocation from childhood. When he was 11 years old, he took his first painting class, there he already reveals his talent in watercolor, a record he currently uses with mastery to make the sketches of his works.

After finishing his career, he was in 2007, he decides to continue his dream by enrolling in the School of Visual Art and Art Students League in New York. In this period we see an urbanite, attracted by the steel and the darker shades, carried by his surroundings and his symbiosis with it, which were always the engine of his creativity.

He is a material painter par excellence. Halfway between the abstract and the figurative, he achieves through his implicit lines infinite horizons, which in coexistence with woods, crystals, sand or sawdust, make the layers of painting become strata and wander through their landscapes as a part Of the work.

Another important facet of this artist is the "MoveArt", is a technique that employs since 2011, as official portraitist of the Prince of Asturias awards. He obtains two works on the same canvas, one that we can observe with the naked eye and another that we discover when projecting an ultraviolet light, both always related to each other.

Marcos Tamargo develops his artistic career between the United States and Europe, and from now also in Kenya.

His work was exposed from May 20 to June 30, 2016